In the collection of Anna Talens, the premise was to present a clean, resounding and poetic work according to the artist’s work, which plays with materials and space, creating delicate and suggestive installations in the form of fragile and timeless constellations. The book narrates in a delicate way the introspective dialogue of the artist and how it intervenes in a subtle way the volumes of the collection, choosing textures and tonalities. In the same way, the book presents strokes of color and textures, deconstructed texts and a valorisation of the details, making the small something big. Both the choice of paper, binding and techniques was made in accordance with the philosophy of the artist and his collection. Putting in value his speech, as well as the values of the brand that accompanies it in this project.
Project selected in the 2017 ADCV Awards for the excellence of Valencian design in the Editorial Design category: Best Book and Collection.